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About Us

Our Mission

Oak Hill Preschool embraces current best practices in Early Childhood Education and values whole child development through interest and project-based curriculum. Our teachers and staff are committed to providing a safe and loving environment in which children play, learn and grow.

Program Goals

OHP aspires to meet the needs of ALL children and families.  We provide care and developmental stimulation through play-based academic growth opportunities for young children. Teachers at our center see themselves as researchers, learning about each child’s development and simultaneously furthering their own pedagogical knowledge.  They specialize in developing and implementing the newest techniques based on the growing body of research that shows positive correlations between home-like indoor environments and strong interpersonal relationships and the ability to concentrate. In our indoor and outdoor classrooms, we are constantly “playing, learning & growing”.

Program Philosophy

OHP and its staff believe that children learn best in a supportive, loving environment where they are encouraged by caring adults who observe and learn beside them. We believe that children should be given time, appropriate materials, and engage in meaningful interactions to develop intellectually and emotionally.

The teachers in our center are advocates for children who love and encourage them to develop academically and socially. As they listen and learn with each child, they assess and guide the learning process and empower children to make sense of their world.

Children are provided with appropriate materials in each classroom. The environment is carefully thought out and room arrangement reflects a child centered view. Materials are displayed in a functional yet inviting manner which nurtures the child’s inner creativity. Children’s varied abilities are accounted for in the preparation of the centers. Tools and props are rotated frequently to reflect the needs and interests of the group.

Families and their cultures are celebrated at Oak Hill Preschool. The role of parents to our center is vital. The involvement and family connectedness are an integral piece of what makes our program strong. Families are frequently visible in and around the center, sharing life and what they love with the children. Their role in informing and working together with their child’s teacher is the glue that keeps our center in place.

Meet Our Teachers

Your children are going to love the energy our teachers bring to learning! We love what we do.

Our staff comes with many years of combined experience and education. This all comes together to help us provide a nurturing learning environment!